History Channel’s ‘JFK Declassified’: Fallback to the Original Propaganda Cover Story


The much-ballyhooed History channel six-part “documentary,” JFK Declassified, is a slick but unconvincing piece of propaganda, a classic case of disinformation that mixes some truth with total falsehoods to promote the original Phase One cover-story for the Dealey Plaza Operation: that the Cuban Castro Communists were behind it, Bill Kelly reports.

robert-baer-file-300x169 History Channel's 'JFK Declassified': Fallback to the Original Propaganda Cover StoryThe guys who put together this program, 21-year CIA veteran Bob Baer (shown in file photo) and former LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) lieutenant Adam Bercovici, a US military intelligence officer who has served in Iraq and Afghanistan, can and should be able to determine the truth. But Baer isn’t interested in determining the truth, and Bercovici is no Columbo. He worked for a police department that refuses to investigate and identify the true assassin(s) of RFK. So you can put this program in the same junk pile as the original cover story promoted by the DRE, Brian Latell, Phil Shenon, and others.

It is a very distinct psychological warfare operation promoted mainly by those with close ties to the CIA, and most of whom, as Dan Hardway points out, can be traced directly to one David Atlee Phillips, a CIA propaganda specialist and Oswald associate. While they promote the idea that they are presenting new information and the files are declassified, I haven’t seen anything new after the first installment, and can tell you that none of what they have fielded so far is from recently declassified documents.

antonio-veciana-cover-201x300 History Channel's 'JFK Declassified': Fallback to the Original Propaganda Cover StorySome of what they say is true, however, and can take the real investigation into the total truth onto another level such as the fact that Oswald used intelligence tradecraft.

But first let’s dismiss the total falsehoods that are continuously repeated, beginning with the idea that one sniper alone, Lee Harvey Oswald, executed the President by himself.

Just as [the late anti-Communist espionage author] John Barron does when he discusses “disinformation,” Baer only applies the term to the Soviets, when in fact the CIA and US military are more proficient in the use of disinformation and black propaganda and, as Dan Hardway notes in his review of Antonio Veciana’s new book, Trained To Kill, former US Army and CIA officer Paul Linebarger wrote the book on such propaganda and disinformation and taught covert operational procedures and intelligence tradecraft to David A. Phillips, E. Howard Hunt and Edward Lansdale.

— By Bill Kelly

Details: JFKcountercoup, JFK Declassified: Fallback to the Original Phase One Cover Story, April 27, 2017,

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