Wecht Institute Conference on 15/16/17 November in Pittsburgh for the 60th Anniversary of the JFK Assassination

2023-04-27_11-55-18 Conference 2023Please click the link below to see more information. CAPA will not be having a separate conference this year. However, CAPA will be organizing an evening event at the Wecht conference. For more information about the Wecht conference – including a list of confirmed speakers and local accommodations – please click this link:  – duq.edu/JFK60
The Cyril H. Wecht Collection, which encapsulates books, journals, correspondence and case files, including on JFK, is being permanently housed at Duquesne University’s main library stored in a section of the Wecht Institute Library available for visitors to view. A press conference is planned on Wednesday November 15 at the end of the day to announce this new collection and a tour will be provided for the press and attendees of the conference.

CAPA will have a separate event on Thursday evening. We will be having a sit-down dinner with wine and beer along with other standard beverages. We are planning a repeat of the presentation to Dr. Wecht of the CAPA Profile in Courage award that was done in person at our conference last year. Unfortunately, the audio/visual person failed to film the presentation and we want to have a video of this on our website so everyone can see it. The presentation will include the film we screened last year – a riveting speech by Dr. Wecht from 1993.
As explained in our last update, Irving Nestor of Auriela LLC will be presenting a scan of Dealey Plaza using Matterport, a web-based platform that allows the creation of a 3D digital twin of any given space by using a 360° LiDAR camera. Hopefully the data can be used to bring new information and evidence to researchers and anyone who is interested in using this platform. Irving will illustrate how this system works, along with drone photogrammetry, to ascertain distance measurements and produce quality data sets using a forensic methodology. The user will be able to experience Dealey Plaza in virtual reality. Irving will be showing the results of this scan of Dealey Plaza at the CAPA event.

As far as we know, nothing like this has been or is being done and we are thrilled to offer it at the conference before any renovations change Dealey Plaza as we know it. It may also be the largest Matterport scan ever done. Irving will be documenting the process of preparation and scanning Dealey Plaza on his YouTube channel which you can find at https://youtube.com/@auriela including live streams during his trip to Dallas which will take place in October. When the scan is completed, it will be available on CAPA’s website for everyone to access.
There will be a time for meeting and greeting Dr. Wecht and networking with other CAPA members after the Matterport demonstration.

The CAPA Board has decided to carry over memberships from last year through the end of this year so, if you joined or renewed your membership last year, you are entitled to the CAPA discount on the registration fee for the Wecht Symposium. There is no cost for the CAPA event except for the dinner. The dinner will include your choice of filet mignon, Balsamic glazed chicken, or salmon with an Adobe sauce, three sides, rolls/butter, and dessert. Wine and beer will be included in the cost which will be $40 each. Register for the event here: https://capa-us.org/conference-2023/
We are looking forward to seeing all of you there!.

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