Wecht Institute Conference on 15/16/17 November in Pittsburgh for the 60th Anniversary of the JFK Assassination

2023-04-27_11-55-18 Citizens Against Political AssassinationsPlease click the link below to see more information. CAPA will not be having a separate conference this year. However, CAPA will be organizing an evening event at the Wecht conference. For more information about the Wecht conference – including a list of confirmed speakers and local accommodations – please click this link:  – duq.edu/JFK60
The Cyril H. Wecht Collection, which encapsulates books, journals, correspondence and case files, including on JFK, is being permanently housed at Duquesne University’s main library stored in a section of the Wecht Institute Library available for visitors to view. A press conference is planned on Wednesday November 15 at the end of the day to announce this new collection and a tour will be provided for the press and attendees of the conference.

CAPA will have a separate event on Thursday evening. We will be having a sit-down dinner with wine and beer along with other standard beverages. We are planning a repeat of the presentation to Dr. Wecht of the CAPA Profile in Courage award that was done in person at our conference last year. Unfortunately, the audio/visual person failed to film the presentation and we want to have a video of this on our website so everyone can see it. The presentation will include the film we screened last year – a riveting speech by Dr. Wecht from 1993.
As explained in our last update, Irving Nestor of Auriela LLC will be presenting a scan of Dealey Plaza using Matterport, a web-based platform that allows the creation of a 3D digital twin of any given space by using a 360° LiDAR camera. Hopefully the data can be used to bring new information and evidence to researchers and anyone who is interested in using this platform. Irving will illustrate how this system works, along with drone photogrammetry, to ascertain distance measurements and produce quality data sets using a forensic methodology. The user will be able to experience Dealey Plaza in virtual reality. Irving will be showing the results of this scan of Dealey Plaza at the CAPA event.

As far as we know, nothing like this has been or is being done and we are thrilled to offer it at the conference before any renovations change Dealey Plaza as we know it. It may also be the largest Matterport scan ever done. Irving will be documenting the process of preparation and scanning Dealey Plaza on his YouTube channel which you can find at https://youtube.com/@auriela including live streams during his trip to Dallas which will take place in October. When the scan is completed, it will be available on CAPA’s website for everyone to access.
There will be a time for meeting and greeting Dr. Wecht and networking with other CAPA members after the Matterport demonstration.

The CAPA Board has decided to carry over memberships from last year through the end of this year so, if you joined or renewed your membership last year, you are entitled to the CAPA discount on the registration fee for the Wecht Symposium. There is no cost for the CAPA event except for the dinner. The dinner will include your choice of filet mignon, Balsamic glazed chicken, or salmon with an Adobe sauce, three sides, rolls/butter, and dessert. Wine and beer will be included in the cost which will be $40 each. Register for the event here: https://capa-us.org/conference-2023/
We are looking forward to seeing all of you there!.

Latest News

Cyril Wecht: Pioneer Forensic Pathologist Who Has Shaped the Law

Written by Peter Vaira

In the opinion of many attorneys, Cyril Wecht is one of the major reasons that forensic pathology is now so important in the fact-finding process of the law.

This column is about Cyril Wecht, a giant in the legal and medical professions: doctor, lawyer, forensic pathologist, former coroner of Allegheny County, expert witness in mysterious death cases and concert violinist. He is 90 years old and is still actively practicing in Pittsburgh as a forensic pathologist. His son, Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice David Wecht, said, “My Dad is still working at his profession. … he continues to do many autopsies every week, often multiple autopsies in a single day.” continued here…

Former JFK Secret Service Agent Describes Shocking Lapses, Current Implications

Written by Wayne Madsen and Andrew Kreig

john_f_kenned_side_profile Citizens Against Political Assassinationsabraham-bolden-sr.-new-2016 Citizens Against Political AssassinationsBolden, now 88 and living in Chicago (and shown at right in a file photo), described in rare detail several historically important interactions with JFK, Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) and such little-known intrigues as a planned 1963 assassination to target JFK in Chicago three weeks before a similar shooting killed the president in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963.

Bolden, loyal to JFK during a period when the president’s background and policies enraged some Americans, sought to alert his chain of command to security threats he had witnessed, including a volcanic 1961 temper tantrum by LBJ two years before JFK’s death. Authorities instead framed Bolden with perjured testimony on corruption charges in 1964 and promptly imprisoned him with a six-year sentence.

joe-biden-7-21-2022 Citizens Against Political AssassinationsIn 2022, President Joe Biden (shown in a file photo) pardoned Bolden on April 26 as one of just three to receive pardons in Biden’s first presidential clemency order.

lee-harvey-oswald_cuba-passport_application Citizens Against Political AssassinationsThe District Insiders hosts, both investigative reporters long based in Washington, DC, recognized during the show Bolden’s remarkable courage and patriotism along with Biden’s boldness in granting a pardon. Most officials and mainstream media since 1963 have ignored, downplayed or otherwise suppressed any suggestion conflicting with the FBI’s steadfast contention, first expressed soon after JFK’s murder in 1963, that former U.S. Marine Lee Harvey Oswald, shown at left, killed JFK, acting alone. Read the complete article on Justice Integrity Project

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Renovation of Dealey Plaza

As the attendees at the conference will remember, upon discovering the plot to radically change Dealey Plaza so that it no longer resembles how it looked in 1963, CAPA board member Andrew Kreig announced that CAPA would take the lead in opposing this action. Many wondered if Dealey Plaza was a national historical landmark. After researching this issue online, we discovered that yes, Dealey Plaza is not only a National Historic Landmark but all the surrounding area that incorporates Dealey Plaza was designated a National Historic Landmark District in 1993. That includes all structures, terrain, and anything else contained within that district. Here is a link to the information about this designation – it includes a very lengthy article with much information Dealey Plaza on Wikipedia. The city of Dallas appears to be moving fast on this so time is of the essence in any actions we undertake to stop this from happening. Once you see what their “renovation” plans are, it becomes very clear they intend to remove almost everything that has to do with the assassination. The grassy knoll will be turned into a “promontory” overlooking the area, with picket fence removed, the X removed from the street, etc.  I am providing a link to a newspaper article on this issue: https://interactives.dallasnews.com/2022/designers-reimagine-site-of-jfk-assassination-triple-underpass-in-downtown-dallas/e. Based on many previous official actions in Dallas, CAPA fears this is an attempt by the city to try to erase almost all symbols or evidence of the assassination. If the whitewashing of the crime scene occurs, people new to the research would not be able to see the grassy knoll and other landmarks as they were in 1963 –and so they would not be able to make their own decisions about how this event happened. CAPA will be working to gather other groups and people to our cause. We plan to contact David Denton, Debra Conway and others about joining with us. If you are interested in being involved in this endeavor – either to a small extent or a larger extent, please let us know. We will establish a committee promptly. Here are two main action items:
  • Compile a comprehensive index of the most important news articles (publication, date, link and excerpt if possible) and official planning submission documents and upcoming meeting agendas, etc.; and
  • List of the most relevant decision-makers and influencers (officials, reporters, advocates pro and con, including allies) with their titles and contact information.
One need not be on the committee to contribute information. The two goals above are important initial efforts and any help is welcome. Research findings, even partial information, can be sent to Andrew (andrew.kreig@gmail.com) and /or Glenda at visionsoffrance@cox.net.  We will be deciding what actions to take at our next board meeting on Feb. 11 and will put out another email with this information. All suggestions are welcome. Thank You.
Citizens Against Political Assassinations

CAPA is pleased to share with our base the news of the pardon of former Secret Service Agent Abraham Bolden under President John F. Kennedy. See story below. CAPA is also pleased to share the video “A Rush to Judgment” produced by Mark Lane and Stephen Jaffe which includes the most extended and detailed interview given by Bolden. https://vimeo.com/ondemand/arushtojudgement.

You must create a free account on Vimeo (or login to your existing account) to view the On-Demand Video, if you have a coupon, click Buy Now at top right corner, then add the Coupon code.

We offer this video free to our CAPA members and for a small fee of $10 to non-CAPA members. The fee can also be counted towards the membership fee of $50/year which will entitle you to a discount on the upcoming 2022 conference and other perks, including upcoming podcasts by knowledgeable experts.

To join CAPA, click here. Feel free to share this post with others. Members will receive their coupon code in a coming email.

image007-300x25 Citizens Against Political Assassinations

Biden pardons Chicagoan Abraham Bolden, first Black Secret Service agent on White House detail

Bolden “has steadfastly maintained his innocence, arguing that he was targeted for prosecution in retaliation for exposing unprofessional and racist behavior within the U.S. Secret Service,” the White House said.

By Lynn Sweet
Apr 26, 2022, 6:30am PDT

image003-300x200 Citizens Against Political Assassinations

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden on Tuesday pardoned Abraham Bolden, the Chicago man who was the first Black Secret Service agent to serve on a White House detail, who maintained charges against him that led to prison time were trumped up.

Bolden “has steadfastly maintained his innocence, arguing that he was targeted for prosecution in retaliation for exposing unprofessional and racist behavior within the U.S. Secret Service,” the White House said in announcing Biden’s clemency actions. [read more here…]

Citizens Against Political Assassinations

2022-02-11_14-11-37 Citizens Against Political AssassinationsBy Heather Robinson, the New York Post February 5th, 2022
Dr. Cyril Wecht distrusts the US government. And he’s proud of it.

Dr. Cyril Wecht was the first non-governmental forensic pathologist to gain access to the National Archives to examine the assassination materials on JFK in 1972. He discovered that Kennedy’s brain was missing as well as many shocking lapses in the official probe into his death.

The forensic pathologist – who declared in 1978 that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone in assassinating President John F. Kennedy – is now 90 and still sticking to his story.

Wecht’s latest book, “The JFK Assassination Dissected” (Exposit Books) summarizes his six decades of research into the subject, and pokes holes in the conclusion made by the 7-man Warren Commission that Oswald, without any help, shot and killed Kennedy when his motorcade drove past the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963.

continue reading here…

The Quest Continues

Join CAPA for the Latest Insider Research on the JKF Assassination


James Wagenvoord

 In Memoriam

james-150x150 Citizens Against Political Assassinations

James Wagenvoord was born in Lansing, Michigan, graduated from Duke University and became a writer authoring 43 books, editor, publisher and photographer. He was employed in the editorial department of Time-Life in New York. He eventually became the editorial business manager and assistant to Life Magazine’s Executive Editor. On Friday, November 22, 1963, he was at his desk when the wire services announced the president had been shot in Dallas and the phones started ringing, never to stop. Wagenvoord was instantly at the center of the story of the century. He was told about the Zapruder film which had been screened for Life’s top correspondent in Dallas, Richard Stolley, as well as other major news organizations.  Life’s executive editor, C.D. Jackson, was directing the Zapruder negotiations from New York.  Jackson was a close friend of Henry Luce, the owner of the magazine. According to top journalist Carl Bernstein, Jackson was “Henry Luce’s personal emissary to the CIA.” 

By Saturday night, November 23, 1963, after a heated competition, the print rights to Zapruder’s film had been sold, exclusively, for $50,000 to Life Magazine by Zapruder. Wagenvoord was in the middle of the deal, rarely leaving his phone in case a call came in from Stolley. When appearing before the Warren Commission, Zapruder claimed he received $25,000 from LIFE for the film and then gave this money to the Firemen’s and Policemen’s Benevolent Fund for Officer Tippit’s family. However, when the contract was eventually published it showed that Zapruder received $150,000 for the film after an additional round of negotiations that included all rights.

Wagenvoord realized that a mistake had been made. As he told the audience in his first CAPA speech in 2019, “I asked the editors about the questions raised when the stills were first printed and then duped for distribution to the European and British papers/magazines. The only response I got was an icy stare from Dick Pollard, Life’s Director of Photography. So, being an ambitious somewhat new employee, I had them distributed.”

 On November 29th, Life Magazine published a series of 31 photographs documenting the entire shooting sequence from the Zapruder film. As Wagenvoord said, the first contract only included the print rights. The second one included all rights including motion picture rights.

Wagenvoord continued working on the Kennedy assassination editorial beat in the days and weeks that followed. He paid close attention to criticism which raised concerns about whether or not some of the photos they published had been tampered with. He supported the kind of investigative journalism that he thought they stood for but for his courage he was not rewarded. He was fired. He filled a box with his stuff including some test shots of the Kennedy assassination photos and left. Shortly thereafter his apartment was burglarized. Only that box was missing.

Wagenvoord, who died on July 26, 2022, is survived by his wife, Linda Raglan Cunningham and their beloved daughter, Julia.

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