The 2022 JFK conference will be held in Dallas at the Crowne Plaza Hotel (registration details here) near Dealey Plaza.

Top JFK researchers and experts will be presenting the latest findings on the JFK assassination.

The dates for the conference are November 19 and 20. There will be a banquet on Saturday night.

The free Virtual Student Conference will be held Nov 18. Register Here.

Be among the first to see the new four-hour Oliver Stone documentary “JFK – Destiny Betrayed.”

Jim Di’Eugenio will be speaking about new and additional information that did not make it into the “JFK – Destiny Betrayed” film.

Jeff Meek, who writes a monthly JFK assassination column for the Arkansas Hot Springs Village Voice newspaper, will speak about new evidence he found which Jim Di’Eugenio is including in his upcoming book.

The title of the talk by Josiah Thompson and Gary Aguilar will be: “A Granular Account of the Last Second of the Assassination”

We will be showing the 45-minute trailer from the film by Libby Handros “Four Who Died Trying” about JFK, RFK, MLK and Malcom X.

David Montague, member of the Assassination Records Review Board, will speak about how he followed up on leads, and the difference in technology between then and now.

Russell Kent, who spoke last year about the HSCA Forensic Pathology Panel, will be speaking about the Clark Panel.

Paul Bleau will be speaking about how the JFK assassination is covered in the history books at schools in North America and will also chair a panel on this subject with David Denton, Andrew Kiel, and David Montague.

Steve Jaffe,  the last living investigator for New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, will be speaking by Zoom about some of his experiences as a forensic photo analyst and his work with France’s Secret Service director, Andre Ducret and Interpol after he secretly reached out to French President Charles de Gaulle. He met briefly with de Gaulle in Paris who offered assistance. Jaffe succeeded in securing an early generation copy of the Zapruder film. Jaffe was also one of the producers, with Edward Lewis, of the 1973 film “Executive Action,” and various documentaries including “A Rush to Judgment,” which he produced with Mark Lane. He was in the process of co-authoring a book with James Wagenvoord, former LIFE Magazine editor and business director, who passed away in late July.

David Mantik will be speaking about what happened to JFK’s limousine after the assassination.

John Newman will be speaking by Zoom on Volume IV of his series on the Kennedy Presidency: Uncovering Popov’s Mole. This volume examines, to an unprecedented extent, the internal and external dynamics of the decades-long search, within CIA, for a Soviet mole who was never exposed or identified. It presents an entirely new perspective on the authority and objectives of the mole (within the CIA’s Office of Security), and a dramatic new context in relation to understanding Lee Harvey Oswald’s 1959 defection to the USSR.

Max Good will be showing his documentary “The Assassination and Mrs. Paine.”

Monika Wiesak will be speaking about her book “America’s Last President – What the World Lost When it Lost John F. Kennedy.” Her book is highly recommended by Jim Di’Eugenio.

We will be presenting a short clip of former CAPA Board Advisor and speaker at our conferences, James Wagenvoord, who passed away on July 26th. Please see our tribute to James on the home page of the CAPA website written by Steve Jaffe, who will be giving personal remarks during his talk on collaborating with Wagenvoord on a book. He spoke several times at our conferences and was a valued friend and advisor to CAPA whom we will miss very much.

Dr. Wecht, Chairman of CAPA and author of numerous books including his latest – “The JFK Assassination Dissected” co-authored with Dawna Kaufmann – will be the keynote speaker at the banquet. CAPA has a surprise for fans of Dr. Wecht, a look back in time that will delight and inspire you – and maybe even bring down the house.


We are having a mixer with a cash bar (6-7 pm) just before the banquet on Saturday night which begins at 7 pm. The mixer will be for CAPA members only and will provide an opportunity to meet and talk to the conference speakers, including Dr. Wecht.

We are again planning a special day for high school, college, and law school students. This will be held online, as it was the last two years, on Friday, November 18. We are planning a program that will give them the opportunity to see what President Kennedy was like as a person and a president and educate them about the truth of the assassination. David Denton will introduce the program and answer questions from the students. David Montague will lead the second part of the student conference wherein the students become “federal investigators” and search for answers (see details here).

We will provide additional updates as we proceed closer to the date of the conference.

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