Announcing the 2022 CAPA special day for students!

jfk 2022 Virtual Student JFK ConferenceJoin us Friday, November 18th, 2022 via Zoom to be part of exciting programming directed to high school, college, and law school students. We have held a student program for the last two years and it is a unique experience for any student to say they participated in.

Student Program Part 1: Kennedy, the Person, the Leader, the Target of Assassination

Dr. David Denton will introduce Part One of the student program and answer questions from the students. This portion of the program will give students the opportunity to see what President Kennedy was like as a person and a president, as well as educate them about the truth of the assassination.

  • Dr. Denton’s portion will be live via Zoom and provide a fascinating discussion.

Student Program Part 2: The Search for United States Assasination Records Review Board Facts and Investigative Mysteries

Dr. David Montague will manage a second part of the student program that will be a team exercise to search for answers to assassination-related questions. During the 1990s, Dr. Montague was the senior investigator for a federal agency reinvestigating the location of assassination records related to President Kennedy, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., so the questions presented to the teams will relate to the work of that federal agency that tracked witnesses, solved mysteries, and brought new mysteries to the forefront.

  • Each school can have two teams of “federal investigators” and will be sent a list of questions about the work of the United States Assasination Records Review Board on November 16th.
  • Each team will provide a team name and the name of the person who will be the official contact person to receive the set of questions, and to submit the answers found.
  • Teams are free to use any resource to find answers; use of websites work well as well as specific books about the assassination.
  • The teams with the most answers correct will have their team and school highlighted on the official Citizens Against Political Assassination (CAPA) website!
  • All teams will receive a letter of appreciation sent to their school naming all the team participants.

Here is a YouTube video to see more about the conference and why the special day for students is such a great opportunity to learn and meet (virtually) experts on assassinations that have shaped our society.

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