Stephen Jaffe

Stephen Jaffe is the last living investigator of the staff of New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison who headed up the only independent, formal law enforcement investigation of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy at the time. Jaffe is widely known to be the first investigator to conduct a scientific study of the famous photos known as the (Oswald) “backyard photos” or Warren Commission exhibits 133A&B, one of which appeared on the cover of LIFE Magazine in the issue of February 21, 1964.

Jaffe testified as an expert forensic photo-analyst for the Rockefeller Commission in 1975. Jaffe has written widely on the subject and was an associate producer and technical adviser for the feature film, “Executive Action,” produced by Edward Lewis.

Jaffe was also a supervising producer and technical adviser on John Barbour’s documentary films, “The Garrison Tapes: The JFK Assassination.” Jaffe is currently at work on a book. He is completing a documentary which he produced with Mark Lane updating the famous documentary of 1966, “Rush to Judgment.”

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