Cyril H. Wecht, M.D.

Cyril H. Wecht, CAPA’s Chairman/President, is a forensic pathologist, attorney and medical-legal consultant. He is a Clinical Professor at the University of Pittsburgh Schools of Medicine, Dental Medicine, and Graduate School of Public Health, and holds positions as an Adjunct Professor at the Duquesne University School of Law, School of Pharmacy, and School of Health Sciences. He has served as President of the American College of Legal Medicine, the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, and served as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the American Board of Legal Medicine and the American College of Legal Medicine Foundation. The author of more than 550 professional publications, he is also an editorial board member of more than 20 national and international medical-legal and forensic scientific publications.

Formerly the Chairman of the Department of Pathology at Saint Francis Central Hospital in Pittsburgh, he is now the president of its medical staff and is actively involved as a medical-legal and forensic science consultant, author, and lecturer. He has organized and conducted Postgraduate Medical-Legal Seminars in more than 50 countries throughout the world in his capacity as Director of the Pittsburgh Institute of Legal Medicine. He has performed approximately 17,000 autopsies and has supervised, reviewed or has been consulted on approximately 30,000 additional postmortem examinations.

As a nationally acclaimed expert, he has frequently appeared on nationally syndicated programs regarding high-profile deaths. His more than 40 books include “Cause of Death,” “Grave Secrets,” and “Who Killed JonBenét Ramsey?” Details.



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